San Diego Trust Accountings

Periodic accountings are often required for estates, guardianships, conservatorships, and trusts, whether or not they are court-supervised. At Brierton, Jones & Jones, LLP, we counsel clients on both sides—those who prepare the accountings and those who receive them.

What Are Accountings, Exactly?

Accountings are a detailed record of all of the income and expenses for an estate or trust, or other form of legal binding, such as a conservatorship. Maintaining accurate records is paramount to ensure the funds are being handled correctly, and according to the law.

If You Need Help With Accountings

If you’re a trustee, guardian, conservator or agent, we’ll counsel you on:

  • Proper recordkeeping
  • Considerations for limiting liability exposure
  • Required disclosures
  • The consequences of failing to properly account

And we’ll provide you with an analysis of the accountings

If You’re a Client Entitled to Accountings

We’ll counsel you regarding:

  • Your rights to receive accountings
  • The steps to enforce your rights to receive accountings if the fiduciary is not providing it to you
  • The time period you have to object to acts or inactions by the fiduciary

And we’ll provide you with an analysis of accountancy.

Understanding the Terminology

If you’re considering getting help with trust accountings, here are some of the common terms to familiarize yourself with:

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